Registered Office / Individual Telephone Line/ Fax Number (Service Plan)

Plan A
Provide Registered Office
  1. Provide address as Registered Office
  2. Receive Letters / Government mail (No parcel will be allowed)
  3. Notify client to collect mail on schedule (by Phone or Email)
Plan T
Individual Telephone Line
  • Provide an individual Telephone line and forward the call to Client’s Mobile (Local) directly
  • # If forward to China/Canada Mobile number, extra annual fee (HK$720, with 100 minutes airtime per month) and deposit (HK$500) will be charged. (i.e. Total: HK$2,020)
Plan F
Individual Fax Number
  • Provide an individual Fax number and forward the fax to Client’s Email address directly
Plan (A + T)
  1. Registered Office
  2. Individual Telephone Line
Plan (A + T + F)
  1. Registered Office
  2. Individual Telephone Line
  3. Individual Fax Number
*** All prices are subject to change ***