Listed company usually choose overseas company registration

Companies listed in Hong Kong are generally two locations as the company previously registered. Main Board companies registered in Bermuda and more choices, because of its relatively high tax concessions. The companies listed on GEM will be used as a Cayman Islands registered, the advantage is not required for registration of its prospectus, has no public offering of the company under certain circumstances (such as shares in private placements), may be faster complete the necessary procedures to reduce costs.

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong did not accept the British Virgin Islands registered as a listed company (other than Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and China will only accept registration), it is the most common structure of listed companies, was a Bermuda or the Cayman Islands holding company incorporated under the accession a British Virgin Islands incorporated company, and then control of a company in its listing of the business. This approach has the advantage is to facilitate the future as part of the business to spin off or sell, the new shareholder stake in the only British Virgin Islands companies have done.

More overseas companies will be Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands for the registration. Registered in those locations, the biggest advantage is that companies can enjoy tax is very low, or even duty-free concessions, is conducive to enterprise scheduling a variety of financial arrangements; In addition, the company can have a high degree of confidentiality and less foreign exchange controls. Since most of these countries or regions will be exempt investment profits tax, it is generally engaged in holding, finance, insurance and overseas fund company, would choose such a company registered in tax haven. And through specific trust arrangements, trust companies can avoid paying inheritance tax.