How to avoid tax through overseas registration

Booming property market in Hong Kong, it is learned there is a lot of people through the setting up overseas companies for speculative housing. Transfer of the property, only to shareholders of the company to the new shares, this would greatly reduce the stamp duty expenses; Moreover, due to overseas shareholders are mostly anonymous, when the Inland Revenue Department is also more difficult to trace. But in recent years have see rigorous review of the Inland Revenue Department, in addition to attention as shareholders, the company will check the bank accounts of personal data when you open an account in order to recover the profits tax payable.

Some businesses, through its companies and their overseas trading companies, reported use of high import, export goods-report approach to reduce tax expenses, and a handsome surplus retained in the overseas companies. In addition, Taiwan also has customers in overseas orders, invoices and transferred to overseas subsidiaries, through subsidiary production orders to the mainland, which plays a subsidiary role in the middle of traders. Overseas subsidiaries from the mainland because of exchange controls, so you can open an account overseas branches of Taiwan banks to handle money.