Introduction of Overseas Company

In the original place of residence outside of incorporated companies, generally known as overseas companies.
The local government developed special economic zone loose, allowing the international community in its territory for an international trading company, there is no tax on these companies, only charges an annual management fee, all the international banks have admitted such companies to set up bank account and financial operations with ease.

Advantages of overseas companies

  • Completely confidential, anonymous and do not need to declare annual
  • In business activities outside of registration, no local tax, no exchange controls
  • Directors or shareholders to allow a person only
  • No restriction on the nationality and residence of directors and shareholders.
  • Controlling shares of a company
  • Control of real estate

N order to meet customer needs, we are providing the following overseas company registration services

  • Anguilla company
  • Belize company
  • BVI company
  • Cayman Islands company
  • Delaware company
  • Marshall Islands company
  • New York company
  • Samoa company
  • Seychelles company
  • United Kingdom company