Advantages of forming company in Hong Kong

  1. Free to choose name - Regardless of the size of registered capital, the Hong Kong government to allow the company name contains international, groups, holding, industry, investment, and other words;
  2. Minimal business restrictions - Financial, pharmaceutical, shipping transport, import and export trade, real estate, construction, decoration, information network, travel, college, culture, publishing, associations, research institutes and other high-tech industries, can become a business;
  3. Low-tax environment conducive to the development - Hong Kong's low tax rates, tax less, there are many international agencies to use our strengths to achieve a reasonable tax avoidance; we set up a company in Hong Kong, generally only need to pay the profits tax rate of 1.75%, this tax is based on our actual earnings (net profit) to calculate, the companies are not profitable, do not pay taxes. In addition to alcohol, tobacco or special, the Hong Kong does not import and export taxes.
  4. Expand the international market windows and a springboard into the Mainland market - As Hong Kong's special historical conditions and geographical location, to the mainland enterprises to create favorable conditions for overseas development. Therefore, the company established in Hong Kong can be used as external window, easy access to foreign cooperative enterprises trust and cooperation; the other hand, China was just opening up, foreign investors prefer to set up regional headquarters in Hong Kong as a springboard for investment in China.
  5. Access to international credit- We all know, Hong Kong is Asia's economic and financial center, and almost every street has a bank. We can use the Hong Kong bank's credit, the credit is the basis for the development of international business, access to credit, we can use to finance the financial center of Hong Kong, also opened letters of credit from overseas, big funds to small business. If necessary, we can also apply to the Hong Kong government subsidized loans to small and medium enterprises, and then invested in money market profit.
  6. Flow of people, goods and capital freely - Hong Kong is the world's most free and prosperous trade port, good infrastructure, not just flow out of Hong Kong, freedom, freedom of access logistics, capital flows are free. Freedom of access flow is reflected in Hong Kong and more than 100 countries have visa-free license agreement, and the Pearl River Delta is also about to launch visa-free travel travel plan; logistics freedom of access is not mainly out of tariffs on goods, sea and air logistics processing speed is extremely fast ; funding is reflected in the absence of free access to foreign exchange control, transfer of various foreign currencies can be exchanged at any time, and money out of no limit. Use of Hong Kong businessmen like the convenience of sending and receiving bank letters of credit.
  7. Well-known use of Hong Kong- Hong Kong's international status as a significant, late-coming companies often prefer to use Hong Kong's reputation for their businesses to packaging. Such as Hong Kong's clothing, toys and culture in the international publishing industry has a competitive advantage. Established in Hong Kong companies in this category, you can immediately share the overall international image and status, to a certain extent, companies can enhance their competitiveness;
  8. For right of abode in the Hong Kong (for domestic person) - If your company has made contributions to Hong Kong, you can apply for the Hong Kong Immigration Department between multiple business visa. After seven years to get permanent residency in Hong Kong. Within this year, the Hong Kong Government will launch investment immigration program, in this regard, please note that the Hong Kong Government's information.